The New GIG App Takes Logistics to the Next Level

GIG app

GIG Logistics is anything but slowing down in its quest to become a real powerhouse in Nigeria’s logistics industry. Today, technology offers a ‘fresh perspective’ and makes even the most inelegant types of businesses look cool. The new GIG Go app is the product of the logistics company’s latest affair with tech. With the app users can request for a delivery, track it, and have it delivered to its recipient in 2 hours.

GIG app

“One of the ways courier companies can seize the opportunity in the difficult Nigerian terrain is to consider customized IT solutions that are tailored to the company’s direction…GIG has effectively used technology to succeed in a volatile environment like Nigeria and hence positioning itself as a leading logistics company with the strongest delivery network. With the GIG Go customer app, customers can order for deliveries from their comfort areas for onward delivery at an affordable rate.”

Ayodele Adenaike, Chief Op­erations Officer (COO) of GIG Logistics.

Customers also have the option of choosing which vehicle they prefer their items to be conveyed in. the options include motorbikes, cars, mini vans, and trucks.

Does the new app mean a new business model?

You might already be imagining the many requests that the company would be getting as a result of the new app. How would they keep up? The simple answer would be “the same way Kobo360, Uber, Bolt, Gokada and the likes keep up. GIG Logistics will allow partners with vehicles register with them. This is similar to Dellyman’s model of aggregating several logistics operators.

What is great about the model is that it is a win for every party involved. Customers can now make more requests and get them delivered faster, GIG Logistics is able to grow and expand, and partners get more business. It saves the company the huge costs on acquiring new vehicles and personnel.

The new service model still in its test phase is available only in Lagos for now with plans to begin extending it to other parts of the country from the first quarter of 2020.

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