MTN Launches 5G in Nigeria but Can Nigerians Afford it?

MTN Nigeria 5G

Data is life they say, and life can only get better especially with technology’s help. MTN is still asking customers to upgrade to 4G, but 5G is here already. After a successful trial in South Africa, MTN is testing out 5G in Nigeria.

Yesterday, MTN Nigeria showcased the first live demo of 5G network in Nigeria in an event that took place in Abuja. This comes after the telecom company earlier announced that it would commercially roll out 5G in Nigeria before 2020.

MTN claims that this will enable the company to provide better data services at a more affordable cost to its subscribers – time will tell ultimately.

What difference does 5G make?

The completion of MTN’s first 5G technology and application trials in South Africa saw the telco achieve a throughput of over 20Gbps with less than five minutes latency in the 5G trial.

To give you a clearer understanding of this, a 2-hour film downloaded with 4G LTE in 1 minute 40 seconds would take about 11 seconds with 5G.

The telcom company claimed to have achieved download speeds of more than 20 gigabits per second in the first trial in South Africa, adding that the 5G trial is based on commercially available baseband hardware and is 5G-mobility supported.

According to MTN, the speed of 5G is the highest achieved on any mobile network in Africa. In comparison, the 5G technology has 1,000-times the capacity, 100-times the connected device, 100-times the speed, 10-times reliability, and 10-times lower latency than 4G.

Can Nigerians afford 5G?

In recent times, Nigerians have complained about the rate at which their data packages exhaust. MTN Nigeria explained that this was due to increased internet speeds which makes data exhaust faster. Despite lower data subscription costs, renewal rates are now higher which means that subscribers ultimately spend more money on data. With the much faster speed of 5G Nigerians should be ready to spend more on data.

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