Lion King vs. Avengers at the Cinemas in July

Going to the cinemas to see movies is a culture that is here to stay. Really, the culture can only continue than go extinct. Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) data reveals that in July, 580,978 people went to watch movies across the 46 movie theatre locations in Nigeria spending N636,213,492 ($2 million) in the process. This also makes July the highest grossing month this year.

In May, 500,000 people visited the cinemas and spent N551 million – remember this was the peak period of Marvel’s End Game.

End Game smashed all available Box Office records globally grossing a total of N528 million in its 11-week lifespan on the big screen. It started off at N305 million in its first week. Lion King opened with N108 million in its first week.

End Game’s figure is almost three times Lion King’s. The anticipation behind End Game, and the ‘don’t be told what happened’ impression created before the release were the major reasons for this. It made more than half of it gross earnings across 11 weeks in just the first week. On the other hand, Lion king seems like one that would experience ‘regular growth.

Just before you ask how come the Lion King month (July) has done better than End Game’s peak month (May). You should consider that a number of reasons are responsible for the total monthly grossing.

Seasons such as holiday periods play a key role. July falls into the summer or holiday season where people are on break from school, summer leave, etc. and are looking to hang out at malls and cinemas. The caliber of movies also released or already showing within the period also matter.

So the battle between Lion King and End Game should be judged on head-to-head.

While we wait till the end of Lion King’s reign at the cinemas, here’s how July ended at the cinemas.

1.Lion King: Lion King topped the charts of most watched movies in July making N200 million in its opening 13 days. This represents about a third of the total grossing for July.

2.Spiderman: SONY’s Spiderman: Far From Home ended July with comes in second spot, ending July with N167 million

3.Crawl: Paramount Pictures Crawl debuted with N12 million.

4.The Bling Lagosians: Nollywood movie is also doing well, ending July 4th on the list and N108 million.

5.Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw: The Universal Pictures blockbuster billed for August 2, already sold N7 million by the end of July.

Therefore, whatever course you choose to take in the services of others, be guided by the goal of unleashing the inherent potential that resides in each and every one of us.~Tony ElumeluTweet
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