Kwik Aims to be the ‘Kwikiest’ Delivery in Lagos

French on-demand delivery startup, Kwik has launched in Lagos after raising seed funding in March. It plans to expand to other large metropolitan areas across Sub-Saharan Africa. The startup aims to solve logistics and last mile delivery problems.

The founder of Kwik Delivery, Romain Poirot-Lellig, shed more light on the model of Kwik Delivery which differentiates from other delivery systems.

‘‘Our model is quite different from existing companies: we are an asset-light company and we enroll the Kwiksters – our delivery partners – much like Uber is enrolling drivers. We provide them with equipment, training, financial services, technology and incentives – as well as with a clear set of rules that we strictly enforce.’’

Romain Poirot-Lellig

The Kwik Delivery app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Playstore. From the app, independent delivery partners, either owners or drivers of a vehicle, are connected with customers who need reliable, affordable and flexible delivery solution. Parcels that can be delivered using the platform includes documents, electronics, food and inedible shopping items.

Kwik Delivery Aims to Deliver

The delivery startup hopes to have an edge over its competitors and do well in the Nigerian market and as well expand to sub-saharan Africa with all the benefits it offers in its services.

  • Kwik has partnered with payment platforms like Paga and Paystack in order to give their users payment options that better suit them.
  • It has limited the parcels that can be carried at once to 20kg, and without a passenger, to ensure the ‘kwikest’ and shortest delivery time possible.
  • Users can track the movement of their parcels from takeoff to delivery, a feature that is common to top delivery platforms in the world.

However, Kwik will have to adopt certain strategies which includes making its services affordable and reliable among others in order to be Lagosian’s favourite and overtake its rivals.

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