Keystone Bank Becomes The First In Nigeria To Introduce A Cheque Deposit Feature On Its Mobile App

Following the launch of the zero data “Keystone Mobile App,” one of Nigeria’s leading banks, Keystone Bank Limited has introduced a cheque deposit feature on its new mobile banking application. This allows customers to pay in cheques through their mobile devices without going into the bank.

The new mobile banking application does not require customers to have mobile data before they can use it. This innovative feat is in line with the bank’s many efforts to self-bankingthrough its online platform. It also comes at a time when online banking has gotten a boost in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keystone Bank Limited, Dr Obeahon Ohiwerei while talking about the initiative mentioned that the Keystone brand is built on the values of meeting and exceeding customer expectation by providing simple and convenient banking services at all times. He mentioned that the bank is keen on providing top-notch services to its customers and this new feat is part of it.

“In our fast-paced and evolving digital world, service literally has to be at the speed of thought; the rules of engagement are changing so fast that customer expectations are as diverse as our lifestyles and choices. It is no longer a question of stepping out to the bank but about the convergence of innovative services, digital technology and Omni-channel platforms coming to us at breakneck speed,” said Ohiwerei.

“Mobile Banking for one isn’t entirely new in the industry, but there is no end to innovation in delivering customer convenience; at Keystone Bank, that’s what sets us apart and that shall continue to be our strength,” he added.

Keystone Bank is not relenting in its commitment to provide superior and innovative banking solutions to its customers. It is a technology and service-driven commercial bank offering convenient and reliable services to its customers. Just like its zero data “Keystone Mobile App,” the cheque deposit feature is the first in the Nigerian banking industry.

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