How Ruga Could Have Boosted the Economy

The Federal Government on Wednesday suspended the Ruga policy after much backlash. The policy didn’t even make it to a week-old before its suspension.

Whether it’s reviewed and reactivated is something we can ponder and wonder about. But before that, here’s how the policy could have boosted the economy.

Nigeria actually needs a Ruga

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization Of the UN, about 30% of live animals slaughtered by Nigerians are imported from neighbouring countries. This is because of the gap in the national demand of livestock.  And RUGA might just be the miracle Nigeria needs to meet up with this demand

The GDP does too

The promise of Ruga was a business hub for cattle production and industrial modification of livestock bye product. If this promise stands unwavering, there will no doubt be a boost in the livestock production capacity of the country, leading to the creation of millions of job opportunities and a large influx of private investors.

This excellence is seen in the South African company Karan Beef.

What RUGA would do to the local meat industry

In certain states like Benue in which the farmer—pastoralist feud have led to an anti-grazing law, an inflation of cattle prices ensued. Pastoralists in the region limit their sale in the popular cattle market of the state.

This is a problem that can be solved by RUGA. Ideally, RUGA will make meat more accessible and affordable to inhabitants of the state. But some state governments did not welcome the idea for the fear of domination by the Fulani, disguised as producers of meat.

Does RUGA Need a Rebrand first?

RUGA spells out economic revival for Nigeria, but it was rejected by many state governments.

Gov. Akeredolu, of Ondo State reported that the primary reason for RUGA doesn’t factor in the interests of every state. It is therefore clear that for the idea to scale through on a national level, there has to be a series of restructuring of the policy.

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