Cashestate: An Easy Way to Invest in Real Estate Globally

The saying that ‘the world is a global village’ is as real as ever. Africans can now invest in global real estate seamlessly. This should be an absolute investor’s delight; more opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio.

Cashestate is a new venture created by Eleanya Eke. It aims to help Nigerians diversify their investment portfolio into the global real estate market.

Cashestate is essentially a crowdfunding platform for investments in United States property.

How does Cashestate work?

To invest with Cashestate, investors deposit a minimum of $1000 or can split the amount into instalments of $100. Cashestate’s team pools the funds from several investors, identifies low-cost properties in high demand areas in the US and purchase them in the investor’s name.

The investors receive returns via rental cash flow as well as documents regarding ownership of property. The current rate on return on investment is 10% -12.5% per annum.

What does this mean to investors in Nigeria?

In comparison to Nigerian investment instruments and adjustment to inflation, Cashestate has outperformed most naira denominated investments.

This means that Cashflow is at a better advantage because it is held in dollars which is a stronger store of long term value.

Cashestate invests via a special investment utility vehicle in the US. The platform goes further to provide required information, returns, legal titles and other documents to investors within its dashboard.

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